Mystery Envelopes – 4-6 prints for a reduced price

149,00 kr.

Do you just love surprises? Then these are for you!
These contain at least 3 big (A3) prints and 1-3 smaller prints per envelope – For the price of a single big print!

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Do you just absolutely love surprises? Then these are for you! 
Mystery envelopes contain 3 big (A3) prints and 1-3 smaller prints of varying sizes.
All prints are different from one another – You won’t get repeats in the same envelope.

The prints in these envelopes are still in great condition, but simply do not meet my very high quality standards for various reasons.
Most of the prints in this batch are on a paper I no longer use, some have minor faults and a few are prints that are discontinued and will no longer be printed.
Minor faults can be things like fingerprints, minor scratches or slightly uneven corners or borders.

They are shipped in cardboard envelopes and protective cellophane bags to protect them up until their arrival.
Should not be hung in direct sunlight in order to preserve the color as best as possible.

Dimensions 45 × 32 cm